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LR 86449 Leadership Training Scholarships

This project is designed to help Christian leaders receive an advanced education to increase their effectiveness. This project provides Biblical training for pastors and teachers in the ECUL churches, and technical and higher education for leaders in the ELWA Ministries Association (EMA). We provide scholarships to church leaders that the ECUL leadership recommends for Bible School, Bible College, or graduate level Seminary when needed. Our approach is to educate our scholars in Africa whenever possible. It is our hope that ECUL and the EMA will be blessed with sound and solid leaders in years to come. This scholarship program has already funded one student who graduated from a Bible school in Ghana, and is presently sponsoring four additional men to continue their studies in Liberia. One of these men, Davidson Rogers, is a convert from Islam who has been involved in church planting with SIM and ECUL for several years. The following is Davidson’s personal testimony.

Davidson Osman Rogers

May God himself be glorified for what he has done and continues to do for me. I was born into the union of well-grounded Vai Muslim parents, Mr. Mohammed S. Rogers and Jebbah Paasewe on July 26, 1964, in Tubmanburg, Bomi County. I practice Islam when I grew up. After graduation from highschool in LAMCO, Yekepa, Nimba County, I began to visit the Christian worship center for the purpose of thinking that I would become more westernized. However, when I read the book called Delivered from the Power of Darkness by Emmanuel Eni, the idea that “at the mention of Jesus’ name the power of darkness surrenders” seriously captured my attention. In Islam, the whole idea of developing power to help a person succeed really affected me. Now, I learned that there is a power greater than the power that I learned about in Islam, and that power is Jesus Christ. I then said to myself, “Let me therefore surrender myself to Jesus.” I began to feel an inner drive to know Jesus until I fully surrendered my life to Jesus. Since then, Jesus has been the Lord of my life.

Rev. Josiah Gray of the Faith and Deeds Ministry discipled me, especially in the area of evangelism. During the 1990 war I went to Osman Town in Gokala where my brother, the late Charles Rogers, had planted a devotional seed where a few believers were gathering to study the Bible and pray. I took his work from that level to a church with the little knowledge that I had in the ministry. Upon Charles’ return, he saw the work had greatly improved. He praised God for the work and he asked that it become part of the SIM-related churches. I later moved to Bomi to work with the Bomi Evangelical Church, first as a Sunday School teacher, and then as an Assistant Pastor and District Secretary. I also served as one of ECUL’s first two home missionaries in 2002 (Harrison Wesseh was the other missionary). After I fled from Bomi to Monrovia because fighting in my district, I started to visit several churches in LAC. Despite the fact that I had some basic training in Biblical studies, SIM gave me a scholarship so that I could attend the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary to study theology to become thoroughly equipped and to widen my horizon to better serve ECUL and establish the church in Liberia. I am married to Sister Frances N. Rogers with four children: Faith, Grace, Davidson and Blessing.

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