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LR 95027 Liberia Relief, Phase IV

SIM Liberia sees the strong need to continue to respond compassionately to families in crisis. Many were already displaced from their homes in the Western counties of Liberia (Lofa, Bomi, Gbarpolu) into camps for displaced persons in the western suburbs of Monrovia. In the summer of 2003, two of these camps came under attack and several displaced families lost their meager belongings again. Some of the displaced people moved into Monrovia with relatives, or squeezed in alongside the displaced in other camps. This project will provide basic needs such as short term food, blankets, clothes, cooking equipment, and emergency medical attention for the sick. Distribution will be carried out through the SIM related churches, the "Evangelical Church Union of Liberia." The funds from this projects have helped many pictured below start a new life.

Make a difference now by supporting this effort:

Project Cost: $334,554
Need: $104,361

Send funds to SIM-USA, Box 7900, Charlotte, NC, 28241


One of many internally displaced camps where displaced ECUL members have established churches, like the Wilson Corner Evangelical Church on the outskirts of Monrovia

Pastor Aaron Vincent of Wilson Corner Evangelical Church (WCEC), 4 July 2004

Overflow crowd worshiping at WCEC

The 605 people who attended WCEC's morning service gave $19.00


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