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LR 95028 ECUL Shepherd's Guide

As the SIM Related Church in Liberia, ECUL, emerges from war, there is a great need to reach each district with training and sound teaching and to allow discussion between the pastors, district officers, and national leaders about issues that the churches are facing. The three areas that ECUL is presently addressing is ECUL’s statement of faith, Christian education, and the relationship between scripture and culture. Due to the present economic situation in the country, it is not possible for ECUL to pay for transportation or materials. Many church members and pastors are presently living off relief food. The plan is for a team from the ECUL National Office to visit each district once a month to carry out a one year basic training sequence for church leaders. SIM will help with transportation and materials. The national office now sends out two teachers to four of the eight districts that are closest to Monrovia. As the security situation gets better, and funds become more available, the office would like to extend this very important program to all of the districts on a regular basis. The Shepherd’s Guide ministry has been very active, so please to see how you can help reactivate this critical ministry.

Make a difference now by supporting this effort:

Project Cost: $4,662
Need: $4,662

Send funds to SIM-USA, Box 7900, Charlotte, NC, 28241

Pastor James Konan and Mr. Benefit Mason preparing to travel into the interior and teach for the weekend (July 2004)

Zingbor Town Evangelical Church, where ECUL leaders went to conduct a Shepherd's Guide workshop (July 2004)

Pastor Bill Jallah teaching about proper Biblical attitudes towards sensitive cultural issues


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