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LR 95030 ECUL Church Repair

The Evangelical Church Union of Liberia (ECUL, the SIM-related church) has responded to the recent fighting and destruction in their home counties in Liberia with great love and faithfulness, despite being displaced and losing all their material possessions. Especially in the three church districts that were hardest hit by the war in 2003 (Bomi, Upper Lofa, and Lofa and Capt Mount), there has been great damage to homes and churches as many villages have been burned or destroyed. SIM would like to help these churches as they begin to return home to resettle and rebuild their lives by providing matching funds to help reconstruct church buildings. SIM's Church Repair project will match locally raised funds, covering up to 50% of the materials cost for repairs to church buildings. This approach will allow SIM to help in a tangible way while continuing to motivate local initiative. $500.00 per church will help a church with replacing roofs, windows, doors, and benches so the ministries of the church can resume.

For a story, see: http://sim.org/categorylist.asp?fun=12&fun2=1&prid=45

Make a difference now by supporting this effort:

Project Cost: $79,872
Need: $39,693

Send funds to SIM-USA, Box 7900, Charlotte, NC, 28241

Pastor John Dixon telling David Kuntz about ongoing church repair at Ganda's Town Evangelical Church (July 2004)

Kpayakollie Evangelical Church sends their greetings to all of their missionary friends! (July 2004)

Bomi Hills Evangelical Church (July 2004)


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