Current Programs




Current Programs

ECUL believes that focus is key to effectiveness. In this light, a few programs that can be managed well are undertaken at any point in time to implement the Union’s programs.

Pastoral/Leadership Training: It is our goal in training to develop people who seek to be of service to others through encouragement, inspiration, relationship and respect. Our training therefore takes the form of developing Personal Character and integrity, Biblical knowledge, and ministry skills, and leadership and management competencies. We train in formal, informal and apprenticeship settings.

Mission Project: This is to catch the burden for missions as the formula for church growh. ECUL sent out its first missionaries in 2002.

Feeding Programs: With the deplorable situation in the camps that host internally displaced persons, and with erratic food distribution, ECUL has been able to feed hundreds of children in partnership with Samaritan’s Purse.

Skills for Training Women: Training transforms women into effective family caregivers and valuable contributors to society. Deliberate effort is made to achieve this.

Micro Loans: We work on the premise that people have the ability and potential, but they often lack the resources to realize what they can do. In the face of limitations, revolving resources enables many people to benefit.

As a church, ECUL serves to bring glory to God. Hence, programs of the Union are implemented for the benefit of mankind, without consideration for creed, gender, social, or other factors. We, however, recognize that the greatest need of man is salvation. We seek to demonstrate the love of Jesus to a hurting world.


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